Fit for Duty Evaluation

What is a Fitness for duty Evaluation?

A psychological Fitness For duty Evaluation (FFDE) is a formal, specialized examination of an employee or potential employee to provide objective test data in order to determine whether the employee is capable of effectively performing his or her essential job functions. We see individuals from the military, police department, and aviation industries.

Who can complete an FFDE evaluation?

In the state of Texas, the Examiner must be a licensed psychologists or psychiatrists with education, training, and experience in the diagnostic evaluation of mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Evaluation Process?

Depending on the referral question and the examiner’s clinical judgment, HMPS strives to utilize multiple methods and data sources in order to optimize the accuracy of findings. We integrate various data sources including: a review of the relevant background and collateral information, relevant psychological testing using assessment instruments and norms, a comprehensive clinical interview and mental status examination, collateral interviews with relevant third parties if deemed necessary by the HMPS examiner, and referral to, and/or consultation with, a specialist if deemed necessary by the HMPS examiner.

What will I get from my assessment?

Customarily, a HMPS examiner will provide a written report to the client agency that contains a description of the rationale for the FFDE, the methods employed, and whenever possible, a clearly articulated opinion that the examinee is presently fit or unfit for unrestricted duty. Because FFDEs may become part of an adjudicative process, we strive to maintain detailed records that allow scrutiny of our work by others. We strive to present our conclusions in a fair, nonpartisan, and thorough manner.

Can I be re-evaluated if I currently am deemed unfit for duty?

Our findings and opinions are based on data available at the time of the evaluation. If additional relevant information is obtained after completion of the FFDE or it is determined that the original evaluation was based on inaccurate information, the employer may request that we reconsider our conclusions in light of the additional information. In this case, a reevaluation may be completed and his or her fitness has been restored. A reevaluation may also be considered if the individual has completed all recommendations made by HMPS in the original FFDE and would like to be reevaluated at this time.

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